3 Day Bangkok Itinerary

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Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia with millions of visitors from all over the world including China and the US.

Bangkok is such an attractive city that thousands of international nomads and business people come to live here. That is because it offers cheap to expensive lifestyle options, English-speaking, and cultural city. It really is a bustling city with lots of people and movement.

I have curated a 3-day Bangkok Itinerary template with my recommendations of worth-it things to do. If you are like me, I like following a schedule to be able to get to the things I want to see and know what I will be doing next, but this is just a recommendation.

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3 Day Bangkok Itinerary

Day 1

9:00 AM-12:00 PM Arrive at the airport

Head over to your hotel and check-in

I chose my accommodation to be Baiyoke Tower II and will be heading there via Taxi ~ 25-40 minutes (hotel arraigned $24).

After checking in and settling in, I planned the first day to be a light day, either to rest first or explore and then rest if needed.

tower in bangkok

2:00 PM Walk or TukTuk to CentralWorld Mall ~ 2:00 PM

CentralWorld is a huge shopping complex with many floors that is a great way to get some shopping done and ease your way into the country. There is plenty of shops, activities, a cinema, a food court, restaurants and more. This is a great way to have some activities, do souvenir shopping, and eat foods that will sit well as you transition and get through your jetlag.

Head Back to Hotel ~7:30 PM

At this hotel, there are plenty of things to do and this will be the best time to take advantage of its amenities. At Baiyoke Hotel, there are shops from the basement level to 4th floor. Fruit court on the 18th floor. Massages and gym on the 20th floor. Restaurants throughout the building. I love observatories and this building has the highest view of the city, additionally, it has open-air restaurants and a rooftop bar where you can mingle and meet people on the 83rd floor.

The Roof Top Bar has spectacular views with windows to the ceiling and quick bite offerings. The drink menu is excellently curated with great bartenders that are knowledgeable in international drinks.

Day 2

Skip the free breakfast and stick to the coffee as this morning will start out with a food tour. There are plenty of food tours to choose from and they are all great. This tour is not too pricy and has thousands of great reviews. This day will also include culture by visiting the royal palace and local temples.

10:00 AM Chef Designed Bangkok Food Tour with Klong Boat Ride – $59

In this tour found on TripAdvisor, you get to try a variety of Thai dishes that are popular with the locals. This is a small group tour which is excellent as you have a say in what dishes you prefer or restrictions. It is advertised as “4 hours of feasting around the backstreets and markets of old Bangkok” and as a foodie, this is a great opportunity to find the best authentic foods. They take you on a water taxi (boat) to a local market as they tell you the history and stories of Bangkok and its food.

2:00 PM The Grand Palace – 2:00 PM ฿500; 14$

The Grand Palace represents Thai architecture, history, and royalty which is open to the public. Go through the gallery to learn about the stories of Thailand, and look through the buildings with Thai-style temples and buildings. Right next door is the giant laying Buddha statue that is seen throughout the internet. This place is where you will want to take your Instagram pictures just as the hipsters do.

3:15 PM Wat Arun – ฿100; $3

One of the most famous Buddhist temples in Thailand, Wat Arun is a cool place to visit for many reasons. It has cool mythological demon statues, buildings, and more culture. There are dozens of temples to go to but this one is one of the best-ranking temples.

4:00 PM Siriaj medical meusum – ฿200; $6

If you love medicine, the human body, forensics, or murder mystery then this place has it all. This museum is not for the faint of heart, not recommended for children, but is by far the most interesting thing in the trip. You get to learn about various topics with real-life preserved specimens and graphic photos. I recommend this as something that is off the beaten path, and enjoyable.


5:45 Banyan Tree Observatory

I love observatories because usually there is plenty to do and enjoy. Banyan Tree is a building that hosts a hotel, fine dining, and a rooftop bar! At the top of the building, you will find Vertigo which is a cool open-air restaurant with great vibes. Its beautiful watching the sunset as it transitions into night-time. Additionally, you have unobstructed views of the city, so take in the city vibes, and lights, and take your pictures here. After dinner, I recommend walking to the Moon Bar to hang out and get some drinks as one of the highest open-air roof-tops in the city. Its a great place to also meet other people and mingle with friends.

Day 3

9:00 AM Thai Cooking Class with Market Visit by Maliwan – 39$

As one of my favorite activities, you get to take home knowledge of Thai recipes and skills back with you, along with eating amazing food that you prepared yourself with your new wok skills. This particular experience I found on TripAdvisor was very cheap and affordable with high reviews. I chose the morning to do this activity and it is about 4 hours long. It’s an easy, fun, and family-friendly activity. They take you to a local market and give you recipes, equipment, and food included as well. At the end of the class, you also get a certificate which is a neat souvenir.

12:30 PM Bangkok Art & Culture Centre – Free

I love free but this is a deal because the all the Centre has to offer. It is a multilevel complex featuring rotating exhibitions of Thai and international works including, contemporary art, music, sculptures, and more. This is a well-kept, new, and popular facility so decompress and look at fine art.

1:45 PM Sealife Bangkok ฿1,390

This is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia and is located inside the Siam Paragon entertainment and shopping complex. I love this place because not only are you supporting conservation efforts but there are over 500 species of life here, multiple floor levels, shows, and a touch pool to interact with sea creatures. It is worth the experience of seeing an aquarium of this scale.

Exploring Siam Paragon

This is a very large complex with so much to do you may need to come a few times to get through it all. It has international shopping brands, activities such as bowling, games, cinema, car exhibits, a ton of food options, and more. Spend all day here and maybe another day if you have the time.

8:15 PM Chinatown

Chinatown is one of the most popular places to go in Chinatown with hundreds of food stalls and tourists. It will be busy so be aware of the crowds but this is a chance to try new and different foods at the stalls and shops.

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