Best Rooftop Observatories in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

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The 7 Best Rooftop Observatories in Singapore – Travel Guide

photography of city during dusk

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Beautiful cityscape in Singapore

Traveling to Singapore is very exciting, and you may be looking for something to do. If you are like me then going to an observation deck of a new city is a must during my visit. If you’re looking for a unique way to experience Singapore then consider visiting one of the city’s impressive rooftop observatories to see Singapore’s stunning skylines. From spectacular cityscapes, illuminated night views, and beautiful sunsets to unparalleled panoramas for Instagram, these sites provide breathtaking sights that can only be found here. It reminds me of Las Vegas. I will be your travel guide to give you the best information available.

In this article, we’ll have an exploration of some of the best observatories in Singapore that offer an astonishing view combined with loads of fun attractions. Some of these observatories will be guaranteeing a remarkable getaway with fine dining, luxurious rooftop bars, and breathtaking landscapes. For your convenience, I have consolidated the best rooftop observatories in this article that are worth considering for your itinerary.

Singapore skyline from Skyline Promenade

What to Look for in a Rooftop Observatory

  • Stunning Views – Be sure to pick an observatory with the best 360-degree views of the city.
  • Location – The location should be at a good view and not too close to other tall buildings or too far away to access
  • Facilities – Make sure the observatory offers up all the amenities that you and your group will need such as shopping or dining
  • Easy Access – The observatory should be easily accessible, both in terms of transportation and admission prices.
  • Exhibitions and Experiences – Many facilities offer interactive exhibitions and activities which can enhance your experience or other things to do
  • Online Booking Convenience – Check if the observatory provides online booking for tickets and guided tours to make planning easier.

Exploring the Best Observatories in Singapore

1. SkyPark Observation Deck – Marina Bay Skyline

Free Marina Bay Sands image

Marina Bay Sands hotel is a luxurious and distinctive iconic landmark situated in the heart of Singapore. Having been opened in 2010 setting forward the path of the future for the country, it has attracted millions of visitors.

As one of the best attractions in the city, Marina Bay Sands is a resort that offers an all-inclusive entertainment complex with a variety of activities for everyone. It houses a world-famous casino, hotel, dining, entertainment, shopping, and art spaces to create an all-inclusive entertainment destination for locals and tourists. Luxury is synonymous with this location and there are endless things to do here.

I recommend staying here because there is a lot to do so close. Some of the highlights include a great hotel, multiple restaurants, bars, clubs, ArtScience Museum, luxury shopping, a rooftop infinity pool, a spa, and an outdoor fountain light show. Some of the sights here include the SkyPark Observation Deck, digital lights canvas, and a sampan ride.

Now for the observatory. It has a rooftop bar and rooftop restaurant with 360-degree stunning views of the Singapore river. You also have panoramic views of the OUE bayfront, from this angel. While it is not free, it is a cheap way to get some great pictures.

Deck Highlights:

  • 12.50 Singapore Dollars or about $9.50 USD
  • 54 Stories High
  • Hours 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Marina Bay Singapore

2. Singapore Flyer

singapore flyer overlooking the city

The Singapore Flier is an observation wheel located in the heart of the city, offering unparalleled views of the skyline and harbor. Located in between the city’s bay, it has great views including Marina Bay Skyline With a height of 165 meters and 28 air-conditioned capsules, it’s one of Asia’s largest Ferris wheels. Open from 2:00 PM to 10 PM daily, visitors can enjoy stunning views day or night. Tickets cost SGD 40 for adults and SGD 25 for children under 12 years old – making this a great option for families looking to get an aerial view of Singapore. I think it has one of the best views of the city skyline.

It’s also in a prime location with many things to do. Some of the options at this spot include dining options or experience upgrade options. Some of the best experiences offered at Singapore Flyer include a night journey, champagne flight, and sky dining. This would be a good place to look at the night sky from Marina Bay. Each rotation lasts about 30 minutes.

time lapse photography of ferris wheel near city buildings


  • 40 SGD or about $30.50 USD
  • 165 Meters tall
  • Hourts 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM

3. Mr. Stork

hyatt hotel

Not only is Mr. Stork known as one of the best rooftops in the city but it’s also its rooftop bar and restaurant. It’s situated on Hyatt Andaz Singapore hotel with 360 panoramic views of the city. Located on level 39, you are able to enjoy breathtaking views surrounded by a tropical landscape and 10 teepee huts to relax in. Not only that but the hotel has several floors of restaurants to enjoy the views of the city but this one is an open-air bar. Hotel guests and non-guests alike are able to enjoy the views from here.

mr stork bar

You can enjoy tropical cocktails or other specialty drinks here while having light bites or even dinner. The benefit of staying here is that it is a Hyatt hotel in which you can benefit from loyalty points or save money by booking with certain credit cards. Hours vary depending on the day of the week but drinks usually start mid-day.

mr stork bar


  • Free public observation deck
  • 39th floor
  • hours vary by day!

4. Super Tree Observation

low angle photography of gardens by the bay

The Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay is a must-see destination for those looking to experience Singapore from a different perspective. The towering, man-made structures are designed to look like trees and provide breathtaking views of Singapore’s skyline, Marina Bay, and beyond. Visitors can explore the Supertree observatory on top of each structure or take in the view from below with an evening light show that illuminates this spectacular sight. With its unique design and unparalleled views, it’s no wonder why this area has become one of Singapore’s best attractions.

sky tree

In addition to providing visitors with stunning vistas, the Supertrees are designed to promote sustainability and environmental conservation efforts. The trees harness solar energy during the day which is then used to power up lights at night for a mesmerizing light show. Additionally, rainwater collected from their canopies is recycled and reused for irrigation purposes in Gardens gardens. These sustainable initiatives make this attraction even more attractive!


  • Free
  • Open from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Iconic man-made structures
  • Sustainability projects to promote conservation efforts.

I highly recommend checking out Singapore’s best observatories and rooftop bars for a unique, unforgettable experience.

Gardens by the bay, Singapore

5. ION Sky

ion sky singapore

ION Sky is one of the best observatories and rooftop bars in Singapore, especially during the night sky. Located on the 56th floor of ION Orchard, this stunning spot offers 360-degree views of the city skyline from its open-air terrace.

Ion Orchard is one of Singapore’s best-known shopping malls, and it also boasts two of the best observatories and rooftop bars in the city. Located on Orchard Road near the heart of downtown Singapore, Ion Orchard is a shopping mall with an observatory space on Level 56. The observation deck provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the city skyline and beyond. From this vantage point, you can watch as day turns to night over Singapore’s iconic skyline while enjoying delicious food and drinks with friends or family.

Ion sky singapore

This is lower on the list due to it being further away from the coast than our other top picks. To enter, it is slightly complicated as there are numerous different reviews of ways to go in. While some people say it’s free for ION members. The information that I can correctly say is that you have to spend $50 at the Ion Orchard mall for access, and between 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM you get a complimentary drink to choose from.


  • $50 to gain entrance
  • 56 Stories High
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6. CÉ LA VI Singapore: Restaurant, SkyBar & Club Lounge – Marina Bay Sands

ce la vi singapore bar

CÉ LA VI Singapore is a rooftop restaurant, rooftop bar, and club lounge on the same floor as the SkyPark observatory. The SkyPark only has access to the deck but here you have access to other areas while also having views of the city on this rooftop terrace. They have a cover charge of about $20-22 that goes towards food and drinks which is reasonable to access the views for free while getting food.

It’s rated one of the best rooftop bars with signature cocktails overlooking the Singapore skyline. At this location, you have unobstructed views year-round with a bird’s eye view of the bay and city.

ce la vi singapore


  • Open from 12:00 PM – 1:0O AM
  • Free access

7. The Pinnacle Sky Garden 50th Storey Skybridge

Pinnacle @ Duxton is a housing complex with a free observatory deck that the public can access only on the 50th floor. The only downside is that there is a quota of 150 public visitors allowed each day and they charge $6. With that being said I think it has an unrivaled view of inner Singapore as a whole due to its location.

pinnacle sky dinning

Entry can be a little complicated as I found out this country is based on exclusivity. According to the official website, “Each person must have a card compliant with the Singapore Standard of Contactless ePurse Application (CEPAS), for example, EZ-Link card, Nets Flashpay, Singapore Tourist Pass, Singapore Tourist Pass Plus. Go to Blk 1G, Level 1, and locate the MA Office. The staff will register the card and collect payment. Payment is via cash and priced at $6 per person per entry. For visitors without the CEPAS card, please contact the staff from the Managing Agent’s office for further assistance. ” Here is a video to see for yourself if it’s worth it.

pinnacle sky


  • Open 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Views of the whole city from a different angle
  • 50th story high


Singapore is home to some of the best observatories and rooftop bars in the world, offering stunning 360-degree views of its iconic skyline. Your personal preferences can be found here from observation decks to bars, and Ferris wheels and free options to pick from. From ION Sky on Level 56 of ION Orchard Mall to CÉ LA VI Singapore’s Restaurant or The Pinnacle Sky Garden 50th Storey Skybridge – each one offers a unique experience for visitors looking for an unforgettable view over this vibrant city. Whether you’re searching for a romantic spot with your partner or just want to enjoy drinks with friends while taking in the best sights that Singapore has to offer, these are definitely spots worth checking out!

If you are looking for more options keep scrolling to find out! If you like this article then check out my other one here about Thai observatories.

City Highlights:

  • Marina Bay Financial Centre
  • Fullerton Bay Hotel
  • National Gallery Singapore
  • Concorde Shopping Centre by Singapore River
  • Robertson Quay wharf
the fullerton hotel

Additional Rooftop Bars in Singapore

There is a large variety to pick from but these are just a few good ones.

  • Fullerton Hotel
  • Potato Head Singapore
  • Artemis Grill and SkyBar is known for Mediterranean inspired mezze plates
  • Lavo Italian Restaurant
  • Sky Lido
  • Atico Lounge


1. When is it the best time to visit Singapore

Visiting Singapore in mid-December to early January is generally considered the best time to visit. This period offers some of the clearest skies and most pleasant temperatures, with temperatures averaging between 24 and 31 degrees Celsius. It’s also a festive period with plenty of events and activities taking place. Additionally, the months of June to September are also good times to visit Singapore as the weather is dry and mild during this period.

2. Where are additional places to view the city?

Besides bars and restaurants, some places include Mount Faber Peak which is reachable via cable car.

3. Can I see all of these places on my trip?

While Singapore is a very small country, if you want to maximize your experiences, I would recommend 1-2 of these places a day max to fully enjoy the experience.

4. Why is going to an observatory deck or rooftop recommended?

Visiting an observatory can be a great choice for travelers looking to experience something unique and memorable. Going to an observatory allows you to view the night sky in all its beauty, which can provide a breathtaking experience. Many observatories also provide educational presentations so that visitors can learn more about astronomy and the stars. Additionally, visiting an observatory often offers stunning views of nearby landscapes as well, making it a great way to combine learning and sightseeing into one activity.

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