Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Takes Over the Strip: Latest Updates 2023

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September Updates


  • Practice Sessions:
    • Practice 1: Thursday, Nov. 16, 11:30 p.m. ET
    • Practice 2: Friday, Nov. 17, 3 a.m. ET
    • Practice 3: Friday, Nov. 17, 11:30 p.m. ET
  • Qualifying: Saturday, Nov. 18, 3 a.m. ET
  • Race: Sunday, Nov. 19, 1 a.m. ET

Start Time

  • Race Start: 10 p.m. local time Saturday (1 a.m. ET) on Sunday morning.
  • Organizers aimed for a late start to accommodate European viewers, aligning with morning viewing times, similar to how Americans watch European races.

Race Planning

  • Street Closures: To facilitate the race, Vegas streets had to be temporarily closed.
  • Embracing Vegas Culture: Efforts to reflect Las Vegas’ entertainment vibe were integrated into the event, aligning with the unique essence of the city.

Viewing Options

  • Television: ESPN will broadcast the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.
  • Streaming: Available on ESPN3 and ESPN+.

Ticket Details

  • Initial Prices: Initially ranged from $2,000 to $7,000, but have since seen significant reductions.
  • Hotel Rates: Rates soared before the event but have now dropped by up to 80%.
  • Business Fees: Initially, businesses with a view of the race faced fees, causing some contention in the city.
  • Resale Market: Tickets on resale platforms like StubHub have been popular, with prices varying.

Track Information

  • Location: The 17-turn circuit spans 3.853 miles/6.201 kilometers along the famous Vegas Strip.
  • Paddock: Situated off the Strip at Harmon Avenue and Koval Lane.

Safety Concerns

  • Track Inspection: The FIA inspected drain covers after a concrete frame around a manhole cover failed during practice, necessitating an early session end.
  • Continued Inspection: The FIA is examining all manhole covers, impacting the schedule until resolved.

Weather Impact

  • Effects on Cars: Colder weather affects tire grip, requiring more power to warm tires and affecting brake performance.
  • Expected Conditions: Predicted temperatures of 49°F/9.4°C and 65% humidity, potentially the coldest F1 race.
  • Record Potential: May surpass the 1978 Canadian Grand Prix as the coldest F1 race.

Anticipation for the Winner

  • No definitive predictions, but the challenging conditions hint at an unpredictable and exciting race.

Notable Incident

  • Carlos Sainz Incident: During practice, Sainz hit an object on the track, leading to the session’s halt for inspection and potential safety concerns.

This sums up the recent developments and preparations for the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, covering scheduling, safety checks, weather considerations, and the overall anticipation for this exciting event.

F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Updates 2023

The world of Formula 1 racing is about to get a major shake-up with the announcement of the 2023 Grand Prix in Las Vegas. I will have complete Formula 1 Las Vegas updates here so you can plan your trip accordingly.

This will be the first time in 41 years that F1 cars will race on the dazzling streets of Sin City, and fans are already buzzing with anticipation. The Las Vegas Strip is known for its high-energy atmosphere, and this event promises to bring an electrifying experience to all who attend.

As Las Vegas is set to host the Formula 1 race in 2023, the city is making some major changes to accommodate the influx of visitors. The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place on Saturday, November 18th, and will be held along The Las Vegas Strip. This event marks a historic moment for Las Vegas as it will be the first time the city has hosted a Formula 1 race.

The race course has been completely redesigned to meet F1 standards, and there are several new amenities being added to the area surrounding the track. Visitors can expect to find plenty of restaurants, bars, hotel rooms, and other sports and entertainment venues that have been specifically designed for those attending the race. Additionally, there are several other events and activities planned around the race that will make it an even more enjoyable experience for spectators.

The 2023 Grand Prix will feature several new additions, including a brand-new track layout and exclusive access packages for fans. Here are the latest updates happening in Las Vegas leading up to the Grand Prix and event.

Road work pavement scheduled

pavement schedule

The schedule for road work began on April 2, 2023. The heaviest road work that will affect travelers itinerary. Unfortunately, it will set to last from April 9th – May 19th on Las Vegas Boulevard so avoid driving on the strip if you can. You may have to park or get dropped off in a further location due to the track paving.

Here is a list of the timeline of streets to avoid for the summer:

  • Sands Avenue: Sunday, April 2 – Friday, April 7
  • Las Vegas Boulevard: Sunday, April 9 – Friday, May 19
  • Harmon Avenue: Monday, May 22 – Friday, May 26
  • Koval Lane: Sunday, June 11 – Friday, June 16
  • Paddock Site: Monday, June 19 – Friday, June 30
  • Sphere Site: Monday, August 21 – Friday, August 25

Final Track Pavement dates

final track dates

Rolling Lane closures will continue for a final time during these dates which will last all summer:

  • Sands Avenue/Las Vegas Boulevard: Sunday, July 16 – Friday, July 21
  • Las Vegas Boulevard: Sunday, July 23 – Friday, July 28
  • Harmon Avenue: Sunday, July 30 – Friday, August 4
  • Paddock Site: Sunday, August 6 – Friday, August 11
  • Koval Lane: Sunday, August 13 – Friday, August 18
  • Sphere Site/Sands Avenue: Sunday, September 10 – Friday, September 15

Caesars Palace Rotunda to be Demolished

It has been announced that part of the renovations to the strip for F1 includes the demolition of the famous Rotunda outside of Caesars Palace. According to Fox News, demolition permits have been issued to take place.

Details have not been released but it would be expected to be done by November. For those looking to be in Las Vegas, if you want to take one last picture then now is the time to do it.

Additionally, because of such construction work, on streets and casinos, it would be best to go to Vegas this summer early in order to avoid noise, pollution, and obstructed views.

MGM Sphere Is Now Open!

The MGM Sphere Arena is going to be a new entertainment arena located on The Venetian backlots.

The videos circulating of events from the MGM sphere is something that is jaw-dropping and has never been done before.

It’s has a capacity of 17,500 spectators, parking, and the world’s largest LED screen according to the ReviewJournal.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will travel past MGM Sphere.

F1 track

F1 Threatening to block Public Views

According to the NY Post, Formula One (F1) is reportedly demanding millions of dollars in fees from Las Vegas hotspots along the circuit of the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, threatening to obstruct race views if they don’t comply.

The venues are being asked to pay $1,500 per seat for licensing rights, potentially resulting in fees of up to $2.25 million for larger establishments. F1 sales representatives have warned that obstructions could be introduced if fees are not paid, affecting the viewing experience for customers.

The dispute has sparked backlash from venue owners, who see it as an unreasonable request for a public event taking place on public streets. Salespeople have even allegedly threatened to shine lights towards unlicensed venues to obstruct views. While F1’s actions may not be illegal, they are seen as opportunistic, given F1’s ownership of the race rights. The Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled for November, with concerns that high licensing fees could lead to increased costs for customers.

General Updates

  • The first practice will begin on November 16, 2023
  • Tickets are already sold out – you can get it on 3rd party sites
  • Grandstand tickets will cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars
  • Get Hotel Packages early as hotel room prices are on the rise
  • General admission tickets are sold out
  • MGM Resorts is expanding by acquiring Cosmopolitan
How will the track look like when it’s done?

F1 has released a video illustrating the look of the new track in Las Vegas

When is Formula 1 Las Vegas 2023?

The Formula 1 Las Vegas dates are set to November 16-18 2023. The first two days are practice days but the race will happen on November 18th which is a Saturday.

What are the benefits of F1 coming to Las Vegas?

It will be a great addition to Las Vegas as it will help revitalize the city and bring new changes to the sports and entertainment capital of the world. Heineken silver Las Vegas deal will pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the Strip. The circuit will help make streets better.

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