Top 10 new places that opened in Japan since the Pandemic 2023

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Here are the Top 10 new sites in Japan for visitors to see in 2023.

Japan has temporarily closed many attractions throughout the country to renovate, update, and transform certain places into something new and this process can last years. This was also accelerated since many places had lost revenue from the sudden loss of tourism. In the meantime, there have been new and renovated attractions for you on your next trip.

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Top 10 Openings

10. Harry Potter Cafe in Asakusa

If you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan then you will love the transformation of Asakusa into the Wizarding World. This area of Asakusa has transformed many walkways into the Harry Potter world with new walkways and shops to make you feel like you are a wizard.

At number 10, the Harry Potter cafe is expected to be popular as themed food will attract tourists from all over the world to try this place and have a picture for Instagram.

9. Art Aquarium Museum in Ginza

If you love museums, sea animals, and art then you will love this picturesque activity to do on your next trip to Japan. This is a way to enjoy the culture in the city in one of the most luxurious areas of the city. Be sure to stop by if you are in the area.

aquarium in Japan

8. Nintendo Store in Umeda, Osaka, Japan

If you are in Osaka, you will likely have the time to stop by this place. Opened on November 11, 2022, you will have the chance to buy souvenirs from your favorite Nintendo games.

mario in tokyo

7. Tokorozawa Sakura Town

This is an entertainment complex that hosts numerous events, shops, an anime hotel, and even a shrine. It also hosts rotating exhibitions of your favorite Japanese related pop-culture. Less than an hour away from central Tokyo, this is a spot to consider staying if you want to stay out of the busy city. Recommend seeing teamLab: Resonating life in the Acorn Forest if you decide to stop by.

6. Tokyo Disney Resort – New renovations

Tokyo Dinsey is one of the most popular family attractions in Japan. While this place is not necessarily new, many attractions in Tokyo Disney have experienced many renovations and updated areas in the park, ready for you to explore. If you plan to stay know that it is actually 2 parks including DisneySea as well as hotel options nearby. Highly recommend staying here for at least 1-2 days.

tokyo disneyland

5. Tokyo Tower- Renovations

Tokyo tower is a prominent landmark and icon for the city. What many people don’t know is that it hosts an observatory of the city, as well as many entertainment options right underneath the tower that is stories high. What is new is the addition of RED TOKYO TOWER (April 2022) which is the largest esports complex in Japan where you can spend the entire day enjoying all of its fun attractions such as VR video games such as Tower Tag, puzzle games, and sports games. This attraction requires you to utilize your whole body as a full emersion experience. This multistory complex is a highly recommended place to check out.

4. Shibuya Sky Observatory

Shibuya Sky opened in 2019 is a 360o open-air observatory of Tokyo. It stands as the largest building in Shibuya and allows for the best and most prominent views for tourists and photographers in the city. Restaurants, shops, and attractions can also be found at this location. It’s not free and does cost 1,800 Yen if you buy online, or 2,000 Yen if you buy over the counter the same day. It’s still a recommended place to visit, especially for first-timers.

3. Ghibli Park

TOP 3 New Openings in Japan

The most awaited attraction for fans of the Ghibli studio which is famous for its timeless films. This highly anticipated park opened in 2022 with tickets selling out fast as people from all over the world are traveling just for this specific attraction. Located in Nagoya, Japan about 3.5 hours away from Tokyo by train, it’s worth the trip if you are lucky enough to get your hands on tickets.

studio in japan

2. Super Nintendo World – Universal Studios Japan – Osaka

My top attraction but also the top sought World attraction in Japan due to the unique parks in Universal Studios that are not found anywhere around the world. While it also has anime attractions, the Super Nintendo World park is by far the most popular attraction. Interactive games, merch, restaurants, and rides are notable things to do here. This is a must when you are in Osaka.

1. Shibuya PARCO

Opened in 2019 This is not just any mall, this got the number 1 spot due to its popularity and versatility with things to do that everyone can enjoy and find their niche. With endless things to do, you can spend a few days here, have fun and not go through everything that PARCO has to offer. Some of the few things you can find here:

  • Endless food options with PARCO’S basement food hall, it has bars, restaurants, and unique spots that have something for everyone from high raking restaurants to cheap eats.
  • Japan’s first Nintendo store, and Pokemon Store with the iconic Mewtwo in person. One-of-a-kind items that are only sold here.
  • Artwork and limited-time exhibitions rotating here throughout the year.
  • Cool Instagram spots and rooftop places to hang out

Japan Olympic Museum


Reservations must be made in advance to get to the Olympic Museum. This place is really cool if you are into the Olympics.

Harajuku Station

The old station has been demolished and reconstructed for a modern look. Although the old one looked historic, the new one has turned into a modern and larger station.

Miyashita Park

Renovated large shopping complex in Shinjuku is a place to shop, eat, and do activities. It has a rooftop park, sports facilities, and even a KitKat outlet where you can make your own KitKat! You can easily spend all day here and lots of people recommend this complex.

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What do you think about this list? Which places are you planning to go and how was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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