Top 8 AI Writing Tools for Bloggers to Boost SEO in 2023

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AI Writing Tools That Will Boost Your SEO

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What are the best AI writing tools and software that will help content creators rank on google and boost SEO?

This is the Ultimate Guide you will need to get the best AI writing software. I have gone through dozens of programs, many of which are almost identical to bring you the only ones you should consider.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has really blown up in 2023, especially in writing which you can see all over the news for being able to do things that we couldn’t have expected to see in the public this soon. Having been obsessed with the capability of AI tools, I have tried and researched different software, free and paid, to see what they can do, their limits, and which are the best ones.

What I have learned is that there are different tools made for different purposes and choosing the ones that meet your needs to produce quality content. I have created the only guide you will need that ranks the best AI writing software tools for you to pick from. Being objective, I have also included free versions as well that surprised me.

An AI writer can assist with ideas, social media posts, blogs, articles, titles, informational content, educational use, product descriptions, and more. I found that it can be used for just about anyone to grow their online presence or task such as businesses, influences, students, asking questions you want to be answered, and more.

*Notice* As with every AI tool, nothing is perfect. Some of the content produced is not always up-to-date, or even correct so its best to double-check the content or changes that it produces. What I’ve learned from using AI tools is that while it can do everything for you with good input, it should really only be used to assist with writing and have a person check and guide the content.

8 AI Writing Tools That Will Boost Your SEO

Jasper AI (Best Overall)

Jasper AI has the most versatility and that fits the needs of many different people or organizations.

It has many AI content writing tools at its disposal and ranks high because of this. It has been integrated with SEO optimizer SurferSEO, Grammarly, and plagiarism detector, and has its own AI art generated. Just these tools alone make this the top spot in this article.

Like other AI writing assistants, you input what you want to get the output you need. However, it has custom templates and user-generated templates to pick from to create anything you need. Some of the templates include blog post outlines, paragraph generators, content improvers, product descriptions, Google or Facebook ads, SEO templates, FAQ generators and dozens more.

As you can see this one product is one of the best if not the best AI tools made so far because literally anyone can use it and benefits everyone.


What impresses me the most is the effort put into it to help users create content. They offer weekly live tutorials on how to best use Jasper, template guides, and other advice to their customers. It’s the most dedicated to producing the best content creation AI writing tool in the market.

  • Free tutorials
  • Free templates
  • Boss Mode for longer content creation
  • Chat mode
  • Power mode – Templates
  • Focus Mode
  • Integrated with SurferSEO and Grammarly


  • Many different choices for templates can be overwhelming
  • A bit pricy but its worth it
  • Limited word generation per month: Can be adjusted


Jasper has two pricing points to choose from:

You can also change the words per month to customize your needs. Having only used Boss Mode, I’ve been very happy with it and think the extra features have been extremely helpful. You also have a free trial to test it out for yourself.

Overall Thoughts

I really like using Jasper personally because overall it tries to become better every day. It does constant improvements, friendly user interface, free user support, live training, and community help, and has cool features. Pricing wise it’s in the middle which keeps it ranking higher on this list.

CopyAI (Best for Buisnesses)

Copy AI is a tool that businesses can use to help them write content using templates primarily. CopyAI makes it easier than ever to create engaging descriptions and use keywords. With an extensive library of pre-written templates, CopyAI helps you produce content quickly.

The tool also offers real-time performance tracking so you can see how well your writing is performing as soon as it goes live.

Plus, you can easily export your copy into Word documents or PDFs for offline use. With its fast turnaround times, comprehensive analytics suite and wealth of content options, CopyAI is a good option for businesses.


  • Extensive library of pre-written templates to help produce content quickly.
  • Real-time performance tracking to monitor how well your writing is performing as soon as it goes live.
  • Easy export options into Word documents or PDFs for offline use.
  • Fast turnaround times with a comprehensive analytics suite and a wealth of content options available.
  • Ability to customize templates with keywords, phrases, and images for more engaging copywriting results
  • Free Version Available


  • Limited analytics features in the free version
  • Not suitable for long-form copywriting projects
  • Limited customization options for templates
  • No AI support for proofreading and editing


What I like about this is that there is a free option if you are not going to use it often. The pricing is great for small businesses that are selling products.

copy ai cost

WriteSonic (Best for Marketing)

write sonic

WriteSonic is the best AI for digital marketers, influencers, and e-commerce brands for different content creation purposes. It uses artificial intelligence to help grow brands, websites, and digital markers.

They are geared towards creating SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free written content Google Ads, product descriptions, Linkedin Posts, Facebook ads, tweets, Instagram, and emails.

What I like about their team is their aim to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content that helps businesses attract and engage their target audience.

It’s very user-friendly, with the ability to share, exporting, and downloading in various different ways which is great for group work or sharing. It allows for easy editing.


content ai

Too many features to add, these are just a few:

  • Creates AI-generated pictures
  • Autogenerate blog posts and optimize posts
  • Easy copying
  • Grammer checker
  • High-quality content / long-form content
  • ChatSonic (better than ChatGPT)
  • Hundreds of templates including landing pages
  • SurferSEO integration


None: No free options except for the free trial


Most varied and affordable options in the market. This one beats out all the others on this list on pricing. You can customize the cost based on quality and words needed in a month so you can adjust to what you will need.


Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for the best AI system then this should be one of the top on your list. I really like the customizability to suit your needs but also all the features that this program has. Although this one would be the best for digital marketers, influences, brands, etc. this AI content writer can be used for most purposes.

Ryer AI (Best for Writer’s Block/Students)

Rytr AI is an AI writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help users generate content, more focused on quickly getting started for those with writer’s block. The benefit of this AI writing software is that it has 40+ user-friendly templates to choose from such as blog post outlines, product descriptions, and more

Additional AI writing tools offer features such as grammar checker and style suggestions, plagiarism checker, writing in multiple languages, and image creation.

According to the information available on their website, Rytr AI aims to assist users in producing clear, concise, and effective writing. The tool is available as a browser extension and offers both free and paid plans.


  • Good Free Options are Available
  • Multi-Language Support
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Beginner Writing Tool
  • AI-Generated Images
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Cheapest Paid Option In the market


One of the more basic writing software – Still has all the tools necessary


Rytr AI

Overall Thoughts

One of the average software, certainly not the best AI writing tools, but it gives you everything that you need to get started and have content generation quickly. I recommend getting the unlimited plan as it’s more worth it, but if you don’t plan on using it much then the free plan is okay as well. It’s the cheapest paid software out there and great for those wanting to generate good ideas.

Content at Scale (Best for businesses)


Content at Scale is a powerful AI writing tool that specializes in generating high-quality, SEO-friendly content quickly and efficiently for those of us who need to get things done efficiently and fast.

This one is really great for businesses, large bloggers, or content writers. I love this because it produces unique content without article plagiarism very fast and easily. It does this by imputing keywords, and it produces SEO-focused content blogs with over 2,000 words and even multiple posts.

For businesses: Team management tools make it effortless to track projects and assign tasks, add members, and watch the progress.

This makes collaboration between teams of any size easier than ever before by keeping everyone organized with their responsibilities.

Plus, this platform also has AI detection capabilities and plagiarism scans so you can be sure that all your content is original every time!

I also recommend this for smaller bloggers/influencers wanting to grow and expand to be successful quickly all by themselves.

It tries to fix the issues that many companies face such as:

  • Hiring Writers
  • Cheaper than hiring copywriters/freelancers
  • Deadlines


  • Long-form content: Writes SEO long blog posts just using key terms
  • No AI content detection: Produces content without plagiarism
  • Free AI detector
  • WordPress plugin
  • Least about of effort out of all the ones on this list


  • You have to inquire before purchasing and the price can be steep but it’s worth it can be written off for expenses.
  • Still developing everyday


Plans start at 150$ according to the website

Not bad but here is a picture of its other plans


By using my link, you are able to get 20% more post credits!

Overall Thoughts

While it is the priciest on this list, it did get on the top based on the innovative concept of AI and how it can help organize business work and produce content very quickly. It’s a cross between an AI and a Google team to become the best AI writer for businesses.

Chat GPT by Open AI (Best Free)

chat gpt

Chat GPT is an AI writing tool created by Open AI. It works as a messaging board in which you input a command or question, and it will do it for you.

When I first tried it, I could not believe such a technology existed. Once you input your command, you can reply like a conversation to add or change or improve your previous command, and the more input you give it, the better content it gives.

It helps you write stories and messages quickly and easily. The tool has a natural language generation model, which is able to generate text based on a given context. You can also use it to create automated conversations and content.

The AI writing software comes with several pre-trained models, giving you the flexibility to customize your output according to your needs. Chat GPT also offers an API that allows developers to easily integrate the tool into their existing applications. With its powerful AI engine, Chat GPT is definitely one of the best AI writing tools available today for free.

The AI software tool offers users several features such as auto-complete context completion and word suggestion.

These features help you come up with creative ideas without having to spend too much time thinking about them. It also provides a range of customization options for each story or message.


  • Text generation: ChatGPT can generate text in response to prompts, such as questions, statements, or writing prompts, with coherent and fluent language.
  • Question answering: ChatGPT can answer factual questions about a wide range of topics, such as history, science, geography, and current events.
  • Conversational AI: ChatGPT can engage in human-like conversations and respond to users in a natural and engaging manner.
  • Text classification: ChatGPT can classify text into categories or labels, such as sentiment analysis, topic classification, and intent detection.
  • Text summarization: ChatGPT can summarize long articles or documents into a short and concise summary.
  • Text translation: ChatGPT can translate text from one language to another, such as English to Spanish or French to German.
  • Text completion: ChatGPT can predict the next word or sentence in a piece of text, given the context.
  • Text correction: ChatGPT can correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in text.
  • Allows follow-up questions or corrections
  • Remembers what the user said earlier

Cons / Limitations:

  • Limited Knowledge: ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to what it was trained on and its information cutoff date, which means it may not be aware of recent developments or events.
  • Biased Output: Like all machine learning models, ChatGPT has been trained on a large dataset, which may contain biases. This means that the outputs generated by ChatGPT may also contain biases.
  • Limited Creativity: ChatGPT has been trained to generate text based on patterns it has seen in its training data, so it may not be able to generate truly unique or creative responses.
  • Errors in Output: As a language model, ChatGPT may sometimes make mistakes in its responses, such as generating grammatically incorrect sentences or providing incorrect information.


Chat GPT is completely free as of right now. Open AI is working towards making a paid newer version. As of right now, Chat GPT is the best free AI writing software but it has a lot of missing features that paid AI writing assistants do not have.

Overall Thoughts

Being one of the first machine learning algorithms to become mainstream, it was the inspiration of many new companies that have just come out to replace this as an AI copywriting tool

Grammarly (The best Grammer tool)

Grammarly is one of the best AI tools that everyone should already have because there is a free plan. It’s a natural language processing writing tool that helps you improve your writing style, grammar checker, style suggestions, and more.

It also has a powerful plagiarism checker to help ensure originality in all of your work. With this AI tool, you can easily improve the quality and accuracy of your writing and make sure it’s free from errors to make high-quality content.

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from the free version of Grammarly which can be installed into your web browser. The paid version is much more powerful which I used during my college years to improve my writing. (Never got marked on grammar and helped me find a style)


  • Grammar and spelling check: Grammarly scans written text for grammatical errors and misspelled words, providing suggestions for correction.
  • Clarity improvement: Grammarly provides suggestions to improve the clarity of written text, helping users to communicate their message effectively.
  • Plagiarism detection: Grammarly’s plagiarism checker searches for instances of copied text, helping users to avoid accidental plagiarism.
  • Personalized feedback: Grammarly provides users with personalized feedback on their writing, including suggestions for improvement based on the user’s goals, audience, and tone.
  • Free plan available


  • Overreliance: Some users may become too reliant on Grammarly and rely on it for all of their writing, instead of developing their own writing skills and judgment.
  • Technical limitations: Grammarly may not work optimally with all software and devices, and may not be compatible with certain software programs or browsers. Additionally, it may not work correctly with certain types of documents, such as PDFs or scanned documents.
  • Human revision: I sometimes find some of the suggestions or changes not my favorite


The free plan is a must-have grammar checker but I think that content writers or anyone producing any writing in a large amount should have the premium version.


SurferSEO (Best for SEO)

There are many SEO tools to help improve blog posts or content creation even with free versions available but having tried those, they don’t beat SurferSEO.

SurferSEO is a leading AI writing tool that helps users optimize content for search engines. I love SurferSEO when writing articles because it helps with the content creation process such as brainstorming, research, and advice.

SurferSEO has powerful AI writing tools to analyze a website’s content, and SERP, rank its relevance and measure its quality in comparison to other sites. It then suggests keywords, phrases, and topics that can help boost your search engine, SurferSEO offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance your content optimization.

With its Content Editor and Keyword Density Analyzer, you can quickly assess the quality of your written piece for SEO purposes. You can also use the Database of Thousands of Topics to brainstorm ideas for new pieces or analyze existing content.

It’s super user-friendly, and with just a few seconds, you can navigate the page to use different tools to create quality content.


Keyword research: Helps users identify profitable keywords to target in their SEO efforts.

  • Competitor analysis: Provides insights into the SEO strategies of competitors.
  • On-page SEO analysis: Analyzes on-page elements of websites to identify areas for improvement.
  • Content optimization: Provides recommendations for improving the quality and relevance of website content.
  • Backlink analysis: Provides data on the number and quality of backlinks to a website.
  • Site audit: Scans websites for technical SEO issues and provides recommendations for fixing them.
  • SERP analysis: Analyzes the search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords, providing insights into the ranking factors used by search engines.
  • Keyword mapping: Helps users to map keywords to specific pages on their website, ensuring that each page is optimized for the right keywords.
  • Analytics integration: Integrates with popular analytics platforms, allowing users to track their SEO progress over time.
  • Keyword Research: Good for writer’s block
  • Integrated on Jasper
  • Outline generator
  • User Friendly


  • Some users find the pricing structure expensive compared to other similar AI writing tools on the market.
  • There are free alternatives such as RankMath or Yoast SEO, although not as good
  • Limited articles per year




AI writing tools can be incredibly useful for content creators, businesses, and individuals alike.

With the right AI writing tool, you’ll have access to features like auto-generated pictures, grammar checkers, hundreds of templates including landing pages, and more – all designed to help create high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that AI writing software is not a substitute for human creativity and critical thinking. An AI writer can assist in producing high-quality writing, but it is still up to the writer to review, edit and ultimately make the final decisions.

When selecting an AI writing tool, it’s important to consider your specific needs and choose software that meets those needs in a way that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for in AI writing software?

Look for AI writing tools that can help with multiple articles (some AI companies only allow for view few articles a month), writing skills integration such as fixing grammar mistakes, generating content ideas, multi language support, unlimited credits, templates such as youtube video titles and more. All of the ones on this list have these qualities.

Is AI writing tools any good?

AI writing tools have the potential to be incredibly valuable to writers and bloggers. They can help you create high-quality, engaging content quickly and with little effort on your part. AI writing tools are programmed to understand the nuances of language and construct sentences, phrases, and paragraphs that will engage your readers. They also help optimize content for search engine rankings, so you can get your content seen by more people. Stick to the ones on this list.

Which AI tool is best for content writing?

The best AI writing tool for content writing really depends on a user’s specific needs and preferences. Im currently using Jasper but if I was a business, student, or influence I would choose one of the other options on this list. Each of these tools offers different features and capabilities that can make it easier to create high-quality content quickly.

Can AI generators write blog posts?

Yes there are some AI writing tools that are able to create articles and full blog posts for you. If you look closely at new articles lately, you can tell the difference between human writers and AI content writers. However, a content writer should only generate content with partially automated article writing software to quality work.

How does AI writing software work?

AI writing tools use artificial intelligence uses machine learning algorithms in its writing process to generate content based on prompts given. Most have a word count limit in what it can produce before it starts to not make sense and go off on a tangent. Some long-form content does exist but it still needs a lot of work before it can even be reliable.

What can AI writing software do?

AI can do a variety of different things, such as the ones mentioned in this article. What people use it for is content creation such as having AI writing assistant work on a blog post, or being involved with the writing process such as finding relevant content, writing for a target audience, or even helping with writer’s block. It’s constantly evolving and becoming better each day.

Are there free AI tools? Which is the best free AI tool?

Yes, there are a number of free AI writing tools available. Many of the popular AI writing tools offer free versions with limited features, such as Grammarly and GPT-3.

Is AI writing good for content creators?

Yes, AI writing can be very beneficial for content creators. AI tools can help to streamline the content creation process by providing features such as automated grammar and spell check, natural language processing, and predictive writing. This can help save time on tedious tasks and allow content creators to focus on more creative aspects of their work.

How do AI writers work?

AI writers use advanced algorithms to understand the meaning of language and generate written content. They analyze each sentence of an input text and use natural language processing to generate sentences that are in line with the context of the input text. AI writers take into account a variety of factors, such as grammar and punctuation, to produce human-like writing.

Which is the best AI writing tool?

There is no single best AI writing tool – the choice of which to use depends on the user’s specific needs. It’s important to compare features such as accuracy, speed, cost, and whether they are open source or closed source before selecting an AI writing tool. A must-have, however, is Grammarly and should be used by everyone as there is a free version available.

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