How to save money in Las Vegas: MyVegas app 2024

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Las Vegas is a city that is getting more and more expensive with frivolous fees and taxes (some of which you can ask to remove). Because of this, you might be wondering how you can save money in Las Vegas.

Also if you are planning on going soon with an Itinerary, make sure to check out apps like Groupon, MyVegas app, and last-minute ticket sale sites like to get some deals!

One way of saving money before heading to Las Vegas is by playing the MyVegas app.

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What is the MyVegas App?

my vegas app

The MyVegas app is a free-to-play game that allows you to earn real-life rewards for Las Vegas hotels and casinos by playing virtual slot machines.

MyVegas rewards are perks that you can redeem for real-world benefits that include free rooms, meals, shows, and other perks at some of the hotels and casinos that participate which include the Bellagio, Aria, and MGM Grand.

Players can earn loyalty points (MLPs) by engaging in these games, and these points can be redeemed for a range of rewards at participating Las Vegas hotels, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

The app allows users to collect loyalty points through gameplay, daily logins, and occasional promotions.

MyVegas has become popular for providing a fun gaming experience while also allowing players to save money on their Las Vegas trips by offering tangible rewards based on their in-app activities.

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How can you save money using the MyVegas App?

Save up to $500 when you book your flight +hotel!

Playing the game earns you MyVegas rewards that you can use to get free nights, free drinks, restaurant coupons such as 2 for 1 lunch, free entertainment, free food, discounted rooms, discounted show tickets, and more.

Using this game for free can help save hundreds of dollars in your next trip if you play it right.

MyVEGAS also offers exclusive promotions and discounts that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, myVEGAS players have access to special slot tournaments with additional prizes, as well as the chance to win trips to Las Vegas every month.

Here are some tips to maximize savings on the MyVegas app:

  1. Consistent Engagement: Log in daily to accumulate free chips and loyalty points. Daily logins often reward users with a substantial amount of loyalty points, which can add up quickly.
  2. Gameplay Strategy: Play higher-stakes games and extend your gaming sessions. Higher bets and longer playtimes can result in increased loyalty point earnings.
  3. Explore Promotions: Take advantage of periodic promotional offers within the app. These promotions might offer bonus loyalty points, free spins, or extra chips, boosting your point accumulation.
  4. Multiple Game Options: While all games within the MyVegas app contribute to loyalty point earnings, focus on the games that offer the best return for your time invested. MyVegas Slots app is often highlighted as a prime option for accumulating points efficiently.
  5. Beyond Gaming Activities: Participate in surveys, watch videos, and connect your account to social media platforms. These activities can also earn additional loyalty points, enhancing your overall savings potential.
  6. Optimize Rewards: Choose rewards wisely based on your preferences and trip plans. Some rewards might have blackout dates or restrictions, so understanding the terms and conditions before redeeming points is crucial.
  7. Combine Rewards: Integrate MyVegas rewards with existing casino loyalty programs like MGM rewards to maximize savings. Utilize these rewards for complimentary stays or discounts in Las Vegas.
  8. Stay Updated: Regularly check for new rewards, promotions, and special offers within the app. Some offers might be time-sensitive or provide exclusive bonuses, allowing you to optimize your point accumulation.

How to earn MyVegas Rewards?

The STRAT Hotel
free rooms
  1. Gameplay: Play the casino-style games available in the MyVegas app. This includes slots, blackjack, and other casino games. Each spin, bet, or game you play within the app earns you loyalty points (MLPs). Different games may offer varying points for your gameplay.
  2. Daily Logins: Log in to the MyVegas app every day. Daily logins often provide users with a significant amount of loyalty points as a reward, contributing to your overall accumulation.
  3. Consistent Engagement: Engage with the app regularly and spend time playing games. Longer gaming sessions and playing higher-stakes games can result in increased loyalty point earnings.
  4. Promotional Offers: Keep an eye out for special promotions and bonuses within the app. These may include bonus loyalty points, free spins, or additional chips, allowing you to earn more rewards.
  5. Beyond Gaming Activities: Participate in surveys, watch videos, and connect your account to social media platforms within the app. These activities often reward users with additional loyalty points, supplementing your earnings.
  6. Strategic Gameplay: Focus on games that offer better returns for your time invested. The MyVegas Slots app is often recommended for efficiently accumulating loyalty points.
  7. Check for Updates: Regularly check for new rewards and promotions. Offers may change or be added periodically, providing fresh opportunities to earn rewards.

MyVegas app is easy to play and can be accessed via a mobile device or desktop computer.

Many also play it as a Facebook game and there is also many Facebook groups that give advice on earning points and Vegas overall.

To get started, you’ll need to create an account with myVEGAS and link it to your Facebook account. Once you are registered and logged in, you will be directed to the myVEGAS home page where you can see all of the available games.

There are numerous games that are all connected and are able to earn points for a single account. However, NOT all games are created equal and the Best is Slots app.

What are the available games on the MyVegas games apps? Complete list

The apps include:

  • MyVegas Slots (fastest and easiest way to earn rewards.
  • MyVegas Blackjack (train and play blackjack)
  • POP! Slots
  • My Konami Slots
  • MyVegas on Facebook
  • MyVegas Bingo!

While you can play in different account login methods, the Facebook login method is the best because it automatically syncs everything together.

free room rewards

How to use MyVegas APP?

Upon diving into the MyVegas app and delving into the world of virtual gaming, your primary aim is to amass a treasure trove of MyVegas loyalty points (MLPs). These coveted points are acquired through various avenues:

Daily Logins: Simply by logging in daily, you’ll find a substantial accumulation of loyalty points. It’s a rewarding routine that significantly boosts your MLP stash.

Gameplay: With each spin or bet you place on MyVegas slot games or other casino offerings, you rack up MLPs. The more points you gather, the wider the array of rewards that unfold. From complimentary hotel stays to discounted show tickets, free drinks at Las Vegas bars, and tantalizing 2-for-1 meal deals across various Las Vegas eateries, your amassed MLPs pave the way to an extensive spectrum of perks.

Regular Check-ins: MyVegas constantly refreshes its rewards and promotions. It’s advisable to periodically revisit the app to stay abreast of the updated offerings. This vigilance ensures you don’t miss out on new opportunities to earn MLPs or unlock fresh rewards.

The MyVegas app is not just a gaming platform; it’s a strategic avenue for saving money while relishing top-notch casino games. And here’s a pro tip: leverage the auto-spin feature to effortlessly accumulate loyalty points while you focus on other tasks or simply relax!”

*Pro tip* There is an auto spin option to mindlessly earn loyalty points mindlessly without doing anything!

free room rewards

What is the best MyVegas slot game to play?

Play MyVegas Slots to earn loyalty points. Seriously download MyVegas slots.

You play virtual slot machines and collect loyalty points. You can gain the most points by logging in every day or playing higher-stakes slots.

Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for rewards which you can do pretty quickly.

Some rewards may have blackout dates or other restrictions, so it’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions before redeeming your points.

By playing the app and joining every day you earn points. With just two days of playing you could get yourself a free drink or 2 for 1 buffet.

In a few days, I was able to earn enough loyalty points to get a free night at MGM resorts and other hotel stays.

What kinds of rewards are there in MyVegas?

coupon on myvegas app

There are rotating rewards but my favorite staples are:

  • MGM Grand complimentary mimosa – 3,000 points
  • ARIA Burger, Fries, and Drink 5,000 points
  • ARIA free Mimosa at CATCH! 8,500 points
  • Excalibur 2-for-1 brunch buffet 10,000 points
  • Bellagio or Luxor 2-for-1 buffet 50,000
  • Park MGM 25% off room rates -3,000 coins
  • Luxor one complimentary night – 18,000 point
  • Mandalay bay or MGM Grand 1 complimentary night – 75,000 points
  • Bellagio 2 for 1 Buffet – 50,000 points
  • Parm MGM one complimentary night – 75,000 points
free to play

How to redeem loyalty points?

Once you have accumulated enough myVEGAS loyalty points (MLPs), you can redeem them for rewards such as free hotel stays, discounted tickets for shows, free drinks at Las Vegas bars, 2-for-1 meals at various restaurants in Las Vegas, and even free gameplay!

Redeeming your myVEGAS loyalty points is easy! All you need to do is log into your myVEGAS account and navigate to the rewards tab.

On this page, you will find a list of all of the rewards that you have earned through MLPs. When ready to redeem a reward, simply select it from the list and click “redeem” to complete the process.

app how to play bonus vegas

For free rooms and discounts, you are going to have to select the days you would like to use it, keep in mind these are usually just weekdays when you redeem rewards.

You can also keep track of your myVEGAS loyalty points by clicking on the “My Balance” icon at the top right of your screen. This will show you your current MLP balance and any loyalty point offers that are currently available for redemption.

To maximize the value of myVEGAS loyalty points, be sure to keep an eye out for special promotions and offers. These offers may include double or triple loyalty point bonuses on specific games or exclusive rewards that are only available for a short period of time. By taking advantage of these special offers, you’ll be able to get even more value out of your myVEGAS loyalty points!

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How to earn the most points in the MyVegas App

myvegas app free room

DO THE BARE MINIMUM AT LEAST. Each day you earn 400 points just by logging in, which is a lot. If you decide to spend some time playing you can earn points but that would require more time.

Daily logins reward users with 400 myVEGAS points, which is a significant amount. Additionally, when you play myVEGAS slot games and other casino games, you will be rewarded with myVEGAS points for each spin or bet that you make.

The key to earning more myVEGAS points is to play the slots with higher stakes and for longer periods of time. When you play higher-stakes slots for longer sessions, your myVEGAS loyalty point earnings will increase exponentially. And if you are lucky enough to hit a jackpot, your myVEGAS point total can skyrocket.

You should also take advantage of promotional offers from myVEGAS as they often offer bonus loyalty points or rewards such as free spins, free chips or bonus coins. These offers may have an expiration date attached so be sure to check back regularly and take advantage of any promotion before it’s gone.

Play a slot machine to get more free coins.


Different slot machines earn different amounts of loyalty points but the rewards are the same.

Additional ways to get Bonuses

rewards myvegas app

In addition to playing myVEGAS games and using bonuses, there are other ways that users can earn more myVEGAS points. For example, participating in surveys and watching videos on their app will earn users additional loyalty points as well as connecting their accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter for even more coins and more chips

Playing multiple apps for the most part is time-consuming, but the one you need is basically the MyVegas slots apps which I play on the phone.

real life rewards vegas

Tips on earning points

  • Play daily for free coins
  • Play the daily bonuses
  • Take advantage of the daily spin
  • Download multiple apps to earn more daily loyalty points.
  • Using MyVegas rewards with Casino programs such as MGM rewards will maximize savings in Las Vegas. Use MyVegas app for free rooms to nice casinos.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re looking for a way to save money on your next trip to Las Vegas without sacrificing entertainment value or comfort, myVEGAS is worth checking out!

FAQ More MyVegas app Tips

What is the best value reward on MyVegas?

The best value rewards on the MyVegas app depend on what you like as a traveler but in my opinion playing can get free hotel rooms which save the most money for a Las vegas Trip as free nights can be worth hundreds.

Which slot machine game is the best to redeem rewards?

Any reward in the app can be found in every app but the Slots one is the best to redeem because it earns the most coins quickly so you can get free show tickets and a hotel room in a Las Vegas Casino.

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